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Gentlemen, let’s face it. Leather bags for men are a very popular accessory for fashionable men, stylish and practical. Whether you are a successful businessman, someone who likes to create his own unique style, or someone who is looking for a long-term quality solution to take his stuff with him easily. Then a leather bag is the solution for you. With the emergence of this popular accessory you will soon be flooded with all possibilities, options and choices. And what makes a quality leather bag? To create clarity in this, we give you guidelines that you should pay attention to when choosing a leather men’s bag accessory.

What makes a quality leather bag?

To answer this question properly, we need to look first at the type of leather of the bag. Leather is one of the most natural materials already appreciated by our ancestors. Since leather is a perishable material, people started to develop methods to make the rough animal skins more sustainable at an early stage. This process is called tanning.

Vegetable tanning is a method to process the skin in a pure and natural way without the use of harmful chemicals. The method is used to stabilize the animal skin and to process the resulting leather. It is a traditional and hand-made process that uses the tannic acid from different plants, using the bark, branches, leaves or even some fruits in several specific techniques.

For all the benefits of vegetable tanned leather versus chrome tanned leather, read our special blog here. 


What do you want to use the bag for?

Bags can be used for different purposes. You do not want to take the same bag with you to work when you go on a long-distance holiday. Be aware that the bags have different goals when you choose your bag. Think in advance of what you want to be able to do so that you do not find out afterwards that the stuff does not fit!


What kind of men’s bags are there?

To clearly outline which bags there are, three bags are explained below, each with their advantages.

The worker bag

The worker bag is made with the aim of being able to dispose of your work stuff. You can lose the essential things that you need for your work. In addition to practical matters, these bags are very fashionable and can often be worn manually.




The Postbag

The post bag is the example of a practical and easy to use leather bag. The Postbag is a shoulder bag and is mainly used to carry only the essentials, such as a laptop to work, or to a coffee bar. The bag is easy to carry and quickly packed for appointments that come unexpectedly in between.



The Travel bag

The travel bag is specially made to provide you with all the hand luggage you need. It is therefore important that this bag can also be taken along in the plane as hand luggage. The Butts and Shoulders travel bag is a good example of this. The bag even has wheels to keep your luggage from lifting over the airport. The model is timeless, made from vegetable tanned leather, and specially designed for the needs of our customers.

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