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Our leather sneakers are one of a kind. Their remarkable minimalistic design in combination with the natural tanned leather make them a truly unique garment.

With the introduction of our sneakers we have paid hommage to an icon. A minimalistic silhouette together with a keen eye for detail make them like no other sneakers around. Our goal was to reduce noise, because nowadays sneakers have become synthetic status symbols. This evolvement undermines the fact that the silhouette of sneakers, from her origin, is a rather humble and modest one. With our design, we have paid homage to an icon.

Start your personal patina now

When you decide to purchase a pair of sneakers, you will start the journey of your own personal leather patina. The natural tanned leather will change over time and it will gain a warmer and richer tone over time. Like all of our products. With our leather care products you can nourish this patina and make sure your leather crafted goods will last for a lifetime.