Leather Care

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Leather care is important, but especially when you use vegetable tanned natural leather. No chemicals are used during the tanning process. So the leather is still alive and therefore leather care is essential. Perfect rich and warm tones will appear and this portraits your personal leather patina.

Cherish your personal patina

We have an addiction for vegtan leather because it is an honest and raw material. A unique personal patina can appear on the neutral color of the vegtan leather. By usage of the garments the coloration starts to appear. Sunlight, humidity, the grinding of the leather on your dry denim, are all reasons for a great coloration of your leather crafted garment. Butts and Shoulders product owners mail us photos of their garments and they are all unique. Our leather crafted goods all start with the same color, but after a while they are all unique. One tone, infinite shades. It’s up to you how you will use it. Control and cherish your personal patina with our leather care products.