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  1. Keep you pants up in style

Talking about a vintage look… suspenders are one of the most typically worn accessories for men at the beginning of the last century. In this period suspenders were worn to keep the pants up and were associated with hard-working people. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was not the intention to wear the suspenders visibly. But at the arrival of the belts the suspenders are seen more as a fashion piece. Because let’s get honest, it looks really stylish. Men began wearing belts around 1920s. A nice leather belt typically stands for the years that follow.


2. Old but gold

Because a white shirt collar is of all times and should not be missed when creating your vintage look. The suspenders are often worn with a white shirt collar. But do not be discouraged in your creativity when looking for a shirt collar, because there are plenty of colors and styles that help to make your unique style. Furthermore, a stylish addition to your vintage look is a bow tie for the shirt collar. There is also plenty of variation here.


3. Dress it up with a waistcoat

Another distinctive vintage look is the waistcoat. In the middle of the 20th century, the waistcoat was a popular choice among men looking for a smart look. Nowadays the waistcoat is a trendful addition to your vintage look. The waistcoat nowadays differs in variation of one and two knots. The waistcoat comes in many different colors and is worn on everything from suits to jeans to shorts. A beautiful vintage cloth for the waistcoat is tweed. The cloth was used in early years of the 19th century. 100 years later the cloth returned to fashion again. And now (100 years later) it is again a recurring cloth.


4. By order of the peaky blinders

For those who have seen the Peaky Blinders, recognize this distinctive cap from anywhere. The hanna caps as we know it today comes from 1964. In 1924 the hanna cap was born in Ireland’s north-west coast by David Hanna. The hanna caps as they were originally made were also made of tweed. The peaky blinders look comes from the early years of the 20th century.        


5. Give your vintage look an extra boost

To give your vintage look a big boost, leather boots cannot be missed. The boots that give you this extra vintage boost are vegetable tanned boots. Vegetable tanned leather is the oldest method in making leather. The opponent of vegetable tanned leather is chrome tanned leather. This leather is made for industrial purposes where vegetable tanned leather is tanned manually. This method gives a leather a much more authentic vintage look.

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Extra Must have

To match your boots, a leather bag does suit you well along the boots. A vegetable tanned bag also gives you that extra authentic look.

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