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Denimheads, bootlovers and Instagram are a great combination. The social media platform is a great place to explore fashion. Users share and comment on their garments and their latest catches. We are especially focussed on the Butts and Shoulders owners, but furthermore a lot of great leather and denim lovers are on our radar. We want to give you three follow tips:

Denim, Boots, Beers & Tunes

With almost 6.000 followers on Instagram, this leather lover from Austin, Texas posts great pictures of his adventures. Often he shares photos of his outdoor activities together with beautiful brands like Red Wing, Stanley, Austin Beerworks and Japan Blue Jeans.


Koen Kuik

This Dutch guy is one of the founders of Blue Roots Official, a blog/shop with mostly denim and the latest and greatest fashion items. He shares updates of his denim garments and his most beloved boots, mostly Red Wing, with his 2.200 followers.

Great combo of Converse Chucks and Levi's.

Great combo of Converse Chucks and Levi’s.


Long John Denim Blog

A list of need-to-follows isn’t complete without mentioning our own co-founder Wouter Munnichs aka Long John. His denimblog on Instagram has over 15.000 followers. All denimheads. His updates show a profound love and affection for the details of denim with a sneakpeak of leather once in a while. Make sure you also check out his blog @ www.long-john.nl.  Some of his favourite brands are Blue de Gênes, Levi’s and all that has to do with vintage denim like this ‘New Nevada’ Levi’s Jeans from 1880:

New Nevada Levi's Jeans 1880 frontside.

Frontside of the ‘New Nevada’ Levi’s Jeans from 1880.



Unfortunately we haven’t been featured (yet) on the instagram account of Boothunter, but we have the feeling that this will change in the near future. A great feed of in which the ‘explore the world in Boots’. It is a collaboration of Boot lovers and brand influencers. With over 5.000 followers and almost 1.200 updates, they are doing a very good job. Cheers guys!


Johan Malik

With over 22.000 followers, Johan has created a great community around his favourite items; denim and boots. This denimhead from Indonesia also featured in a great blogpost on Denimio.com in which he explaines his passion for japanese raw denim. Via his Instagram feed he shows his keen eye for awesome shots of denim and boots.

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