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In order to answer the question properly, it is important to know what vegetable tanned leather ( (also called natural leather) exactly is. Vegetable tanning is a natural tanning process which is normally carried out without adding a protective layer to the material. Because it is a natural process, one raindrop can create an initial stain on vegetable tanned shoes which will gradually fade out. This makes it important to take good care of your shoes to maintain a uniform look. The leather of the shoes become more authentic and beautiful over time. The shoe can last for decades with the right care. Furthermore, The skin is unique and has individual variations, small spots and scars. These are natural characteristics and should not be seen as errors. This makes the leather so unique!


Give your vegetable tanned leather shoes as much attention and care as your partner

Yes, you heard it right. Vegetable tanned leather shoes require attention and care. A lot. In order to steer the wonderful authentic aging process in the right direction, the leather needs care. To help you with this, we have put the most important points at a glance. So you can give you shoe buddies the best care, for a long term relation together.


Protect your vegetable tanned leather from weather conditions

The vegetable tanned leather is made without harmful chemicals and is therefore still alive. It absorbs the sun, the air and all weather conditions to which it is exposed. To protect the leather against this exposure and to ensure that the natural aging process goes well, waxing is available. To apply the wax is strongly advised to do this with a Microfibre Cloth. This to lubricate the wax as well as possible. After a few minutes, the leather will be a little dark for the first few hours through the treatment.

Furthermore, vegetable tanned leather is not scratch-resistant. Small scratch on the leather can be remedied by a horsehair brush. Only horsehair prevents more scratches on shoe during brushing.


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What you should not do with vegetable tanned leather shoes

When your shoes have become wet without treating it, do not dry it with heat! Do not take a hair dryer to dry your shoes. Vegetable tanned leather is sensitive to high temperatures. The leather can burst under extreme heat. It is therefore not a good idea to put the shoes in a warm place or in the sun. Also not to speed up the aging process!

Never store your shoes in a small space. The leather needs space to breathe. If there is too little air, you disrupt the aging process, which deprives the beauty of the shoes.


Extra tip

When buying a new pair of vegetable tanned shoes it is wise to avoid wet weather for the shoes during the first month. This should give the fibers in the leather sufficient time to become more flexible and therefore less likely to react to water. Also have a look at Youtube and search for vegetable tanned leather shoes care. 

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