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"Slow fashion is trending. More and more people are believing in it. But what does it mean? And why do we think you should consider it?"

Slow fashion stands for timeless fashion of a high quality. It is about making choices for yourself. Choose quality over quantity, choose for durability and choose for products with a long lifetime. Below we listed four reasons for you about our philosophy.


Supreme quality

The first reason is the outstanding quality of slow fashion. As a customer you have to appreciate the products. Don’t buy them to wear it one time. The products are made of the finest fabrics. This ensures that products will last longer than fast fashion. Producers of slow fashion don’t pay attention on the price, but they do everything to give the best experience to the customers. This has the consequence that the best fabrics are used to achieve this. We do this with our Leather Crafted Goods (link naar shop), we produced them with great care and an eye for detail. Everything to achieve the ultimate customer feeling. Watch our movies about the production process. (link naar videos)


The beauty of the products

The longer you use the slow fashion products, the more beautiful they get. That’s the big difference between fast fashion and the slow counterpart. Slow fashion ‘age’ when you are using it. This is unique and a way you can blow your friends away. Our leather garments are fashion items that fit your identity, not the latest fashion trends that come and go. Go check out our owner updates that already find out about the unique aging process on our Instagram or Facebook.

Do you want to make sure that your slow fashion products last for a long time and still look beautiful? Go check out our blog ‘How to threat slow your vegetable tanned leather shoes’!


It saves the environment

Besides the fact that slow fashion stands for high quality and a nice look it also helps the environment. Slow fashion stands for no mass production. It isn’t made of synthetic fabrics, but it is made of fabrics that last longer. This ensures that the products will last for a long lifetime, this is also our philosophy. As mentioned earlier, slow fashion isn’t very trend-related. Because of this the products will not be thrown away that often as fast fashion. The used fabrics aren’t chemical, causing that it doesn’t harm the environment.


Slow leather garments are an investment

Slow fashion might seems really expensive. However, the price isnn’t that high compared with the lifetime of the products. Due to the quality and the characteristics of the leather garments they last a long lifetime, by means of the high quality fabrics that are used. Instead of buying the latest and cheapest fashion you can make a considered choice for fashion that will last for a long time.


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Why our Worker Boots are slow fashion

Natural Tanned Leather
Handstitched upper, made by craftsmen in Portugal
Custom made Lightweight Rubber Sole
Three Quarter Goodyear Welt
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