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The shoes and bags of Butts and Shoulders are the most highlighted products. But Butts and Shoulders wouldn’t be Butts and Shoulders without all the beautiful accessories. The accessories complete the collection of Butts and Shoulders. With all the small details of the accessories you will blow your friends away. Look below which accessories we have and what you can do with it!


The belts

A belt is nowadays essential for a perfect look. That’s why we choose to add belts to the Butts and Shoulders family. A must have for slow fashion lovers. Like always is the quality the most important for us. To ensure this we use the best vegetable tanned leather that is available. Besides this the belts are handmade! We also partnered up with Art in Vogue to develop a nice brass buckle. We do everything to achieve a supreme quality. To offer plenty of choice we made the belts in four different sizes and four different colors. The belts are available in the following colors:


The Apron

For some people maybe an weird product in our product range. But the Apron is carefully added to the product range by Butts and Shoulders. If you are working in your working place or cooking in your kitchen, the Apron is perfect for these actions. The Apron is a sign of pure craftsmanship which discolor beautifully when you use it. Shop the apron now!


The bracelets

With four different bracelets Butts and Shoulders created an option to wear vegetable tanned leather around your wrist. Easy to close by the smooth clasp. All these handmade bracelets have an accelerated aging process. That’s why the bracelets become quickly more and more beautiful. This are the four different bracelets.


The Credit Card Holder

For people among us who hate the fact that you have to search a long time for your passes in your purse Butts and Shoulders presents the Credit Cart Holder. The Credit Cart Holder, made of vegetable tanned leather, becomes your new best friend because he is always in your pocket. Because of this the aging process is accelerating. This creates a beautiful Credit Cart Holder! Make sure you create your own unique Credit Cart Holder by treating it as a friend. Shop now. 


The Key Fob

Last but not least, the Key Fob! Besides the fact that the Key Fob is very functional by keeping all your keys together, the Key Fob looks astonishing through the subtle, elegant details that are added to the Key Fob. This creates a balanced product. The Key Fob is available in three different colors, namely natural, brown and black. Do not wait and shop the Key Fob now! 


Are there any accessories we have to add in our product range? Help us and leave a comment!

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