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Do your days seem to take longer? Does it seem like there’s no end to the work that has been done? Do you daydream about a warm nice sun on your face with a cocktail in your hand, and don’t have to think about anything for a moment? Then you are ready for a well-deserved vacation, in style of course! But what do you take with you? We’ve put our leather holiday essentials at a glance, so that you are ready for your well-deserved vacation!


Our leather sandals

First of all, we bring along a nice pair of leather sandals. You obviously do not want to burn your feet in the hot sand. Our sandals have a durable lightweight EVA outsole and an extra comfortable memory-foam mid-sole. The complete upper is made of the best vegetable tanned leather. With hand stitching and a personal stamped registration number. An extremely durable sandal and, like all our natural leather products, these sandals will form your very own personal patina over time. So, whether you wear them to the beach or to the club, they are absolute must-haves for your vacation.


Butts and Shoulders Sandals – Be Truly Out of Office from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.


Our leather sneakers

Besides the sandals, you also want to go into nature and set greater distances on foot. For this we take our leather sneakers. These are the vegetable tanned leather sneakers from Butts and Shoulders. Made by real craftsman in Portugal, designed in the Netherlands. As you can see, they are made with a completely naturally tanned leather padding. We only use natural products for tanning our leather. This is the best and purest leather. The more you use them, the better they will become. You make your own patina. With these pair friends you walk in style on your adventures!


Butts and Shoulders – The Sneakers from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.


Our travel bag

Do you want to take these things with you in style? That’s possible! Our special Travel bag is made to be your trusted right side for many trips. This bag is specially made to take at your side in the plane. This allows your bag well maintained without having to go over the roller. Furthermore, the bag contains wheels, shoulder carrier and handles, so you can take your stuff with you for any occasion. This bag is also made of vegetable tanned leather, so this bag consists of the best quality that lasts very long. The travel bag will be discolored as you use it. So, you and your bag will never be the same after every journey you go to. And you will experience all the memories again when you take a minute to look at your bag.


The leather bag from Butts and Shoulders also contains a logbook where you can write your destinations with date, so you can see all your destinations again!

Retailer WarenmagazinSo, with that said, you are ready to enjoy your adventures and your holiday in your unique style! Just be truly out-of-office.

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