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Running a store nowadays as a retailer is totally different than before. The total retail landscape has changed. A lot of independent cool stores disappeared because they couldn’t surrive. Those stores have a lot of competition of the big players in the industry. Players as chain stores or mono brand stores. But also the mindset of the consumers changed over time. They’re more informed nowadays, one of the reasons is internet, but they’re also more practical. They are less committed to a store or brand. They just want to have their products and for the best (cheapest) price. Shopping online has grown into a massive behavior and is so popular that there isn’t a way back.

But of course there’s still hope for the independent stores. Brick and mortar stores that carry a fine selection of the best of the best products. Products that are made with passion, and with a high-quality standard. Brands that start a partnership with their stores. Brands that are able to work differently and not on the traditional way. It’s about partnerships. Those brands and retailers are the survivors!

Make a connection to the consumer

Retailers have to be active, more than before. Sometimes they say, ‘Retail is about Detail’. This oneliner is so true. As a retailer you have to do more than just filling your store with nice products. You have to be active on a special and unique way. One of those ways is to stay connected with your customers. This can be done through several ways as sending every now and than a newsletter with updates about the store and collection, offering a cup of coffee or cold beer while they’re in your store, teaming-up with other local independent heroes in your street and set-up a cross selling action or whatever. Another successful option is to organize a special event with one of your suppliers. An event where the brand can show all the ins and outs about their products. Sharing their story, make connection with their end-consumers, and receive feedback from the people who’re using their products. This is something we’re also doing with our retail partners. This is the perfect instrument to showcase our brand.

“…retailers have to be active, more than ever. Sometimes they say, ‘Retail is about Detail’. This oneliner is so true.”


Oebens Mercantile Store Event

On Saturday the 12th of May we set-up a store event with our retailer Oebens Mercantile. Their store is located in the city centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands. They opened their doors just two years ago, but they have already a huge fanbase. They’re one of those active retailers that play the retail game on a solid way. The Oebens store has an unique collection with the finest menswear brands as Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Barbour, Red Wing Shoes, Indigo People, Kings of Indigo, Timex watches, Closed, Filson, Tellason to name a few.

During the event we celebrated the launch of our new leather sandals in combination with our sneakers. Oebens sent a newsletter to all their customers and we both communicated about the event through our Social channels. The outcome was that a lot of their customers showed-up as they were eager to meet the people behind our brand. They wanted to hear our story; why we started our brand, how we produce our products and to hear about our future plans. The event was a perfect tool to hear the feedback of our Butts and Shoulders users. To meet our fans. Likeminded people who’re sharing the same passion about authentic and durable products. Products that gets better with time and wear.

Thank you all for coming and for your positive conversations. We’re looking forward to the next one. In case you have missed this retail event, here’s a short photo recap.


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